News Of The World

News has arrived by carrier pigeon from Pongolia of a monster called the Moloch who has been devouring people on the streets of the capital. This has been happening for some years, but since the Moloch’s tastes seemed to be only for entertainers, who infest the city in excessive numbers, the common people have been little perturbed. Indeed it is claimed that many of them have quite enjoyed the spectacle of the devourings.

Now, however, it has transpired that in secret the Moloch has also been eating children, which has caused consternation throughout the realm. The Grand Vizier has addressed the ruling council to denounce the Moloch’s depradations in ringing terms, and some of the Moloch’s familiars have been caught and questioned.

Worryingly, however, it is now reported that the Grand Vizier and his ministers have been seen dining at least weekly at the Moloch’s castle, presumably on human flesh, amid much gaiety and carousal. This has discomfited the common people who are resolved to remain in their houses until the matter is finally settled, whether by the arrest and imprisonment of the Moloch or by the Moloch devouring the Grand Vizier and his ministers, either of which occurrences the people would regard as a blessing.

Meanwhile the capital has a melancholy aspect, with the people confined to their homes, the Moloch’s servants dismissed, the Moloch no longer disbursing gold in the city, and the ministers as ever bewildered and uncertain of what to do.

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